Do Not Buy An Explainer Video Without This Secret Strategy

 Let me ask you a thing, Do you know Ramesh?

You will say no because you don’t know which Ramesh I am talking about.

If I ask you another question that Ramesh wants to sell you something, will you buy?

Now again your reply would be that you don’t know him then how will you.

Same thing happens when you go to a stranger directly to sell them something without telling about you and they don’t buy your product or service. So what you has to do is tell them about you, make a good relationship with them, remove their fear and then sell them anything.

Let us see how you can do this with the help of a video.


        Video Duration

Promotional video should have a maximum duration of 80 seconds and the Facebook also suggest the same and the explainer video should have maximum duration of 2 to 3 minutes.

Explainer video is like an elevator pitch to make your client curious about your product and later you can use promotional video to remarket your product. Work of an explainer video is to make a good relationship, remove fear of your customer.

We have to understand the fear of our customers because just like iron cuts iron the same way fear can only remove fear.

Let’s focus on the word fear:

  • F for fact. Fact helps you to make a trust among your customers so let your customer understand what is the fact of your service.

  • E for emotion. Build a relationship with the customer with the emotion you share and the emotion your customer is sharing with you.

  • A for action. Show how your actions can help your customer to solve their problem. How you can be beneficial to them.

  • R for relation or reaction. You have to understand the reaction of your client when you share how you can help them through the video. That’s how you make good relationship with the customer.


That’s called the fear rule. Removing fear with fear.

Explainer video also help you in filtering the right customer for you who really are interested in your service. As a result, when next time you remarket your customers your advertisement cost would go down. You will get right audience for your business with this.







Before making any video, you need a emotional script, if you don’t have a proper script you can’t express yourself in a proper way to your client.

Three things you must consider in a script is:

  • What is your unique feature?

  • What is your customer’s unique benefit?

  • What is the quantification of your value creation?

You have to show how you can save their time and money with your product your service. If you became successful in doing so with the script more and more people will start connecting with you.

Now to make them more curious about your product you need to use promotional video.

Promotional videos make your customer more curious about your product or services and allows them to take instant action and that’s what you want.


So, what you should do, you should use specific persuasive words which can force your customer to take instant action


So, what are those magic words?

The first one is FREE.

If I ask you would you like to get something which is free? Of course, you will, right! It’s an attention seeking word.

Next word is YOU.

Hey you. Isn’t it grabs attention? It gives a feeling that I am talking to some specific person and everyone in this world wants attention.

Now comes NEW.

Every human being wants to explore new things and that’s how it makes a difference.

Then comes the word NOW.

This word is an amazing action taking word and forces the customer to take instant action.

Coming to the last word, which is a SECRET.

Would you like to know the secret? You will say yes because everybody is eager to know others secret and that’s what the last word is SECRET. When you use this word in your video your customer would sure like to know the secret of your product and that’s how it grabs attention.

Every persuasive word in the video can take 10 seconds whereas the average attention-grabbing time is just 7 seconds these are enough to take 50 seconds of your customer to convince them. That’s how the promotional video works.


       Voice Over

Now after the script comes the voice over.

For a promotional video you very less time to express so just talk to the point in this, use human voice don’t go for robotic voice over. Voice over is very important to express the emotion and feeling in the video so take care of it.




Video should be picturized in a good manner so that your client can easily understand your product. It should so simple and creative that even a 6 year old child can understand it.

Do you know we used to see cartoon in our childhood we were always eager to know what next due to their creativity in video. That’s how an animated video works for you, it makes your client more eager to know about you and they see your full video.


That is the reason why brands choose animated video.


Hope You Enjoyed Reading This Post.

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